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History Is Strongest Senior Brother

Author: August Eagle

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Latest chapter: Chapter 1230: Won't You Be Ashamed To Face Your Ancestors?

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《History Is Strongest Senior Brother》Latest chapter
Chapter 1230: Won't You Be Ashamed To Face Your Ancestors?
Chapter 1229: Expose Himself On His Own
Chapter 1228: The Path To Be An Exal
Chapter 1227: Immortal Court? They Are Nobodies Except For The Heavenly Lord!
Chapter 1226: The Third Promise I Owed You
Chapter 1225: Exalted Fire Luminary And Exalted Wood Luminary
Chapter 1224: Thousand Years Flower Bloomed
Chapter 1223: Yan Zhaoge Was Everywhere
Chapter 1222: A Trick
Chapter 1221: The Original Nebula
Chapter 1220: Ask A Tiger For Its Skin
Chapter 1219: The Arrogant Immortal Cour
《History Is Strongest Senior Brother》' main text
Chapter 1230: Won't You Be Ashamed To Face Your Ancestors?
Chapter 1229: Expose Himself On His Own
Chapter 1228: The Path To Be An Exal
Chapter 1227: Immortal Court? They Are Nobodies Except For The Heavenly Lord!
Chapter 1226: The Third Promise I Owed You
Chapter 1225: Exalted Fire Luminary And Exalted Wood Luminary
Chapter 1224: Thousand Years Flower Bloomed
Chapter 1223: Yan Zhaoge Was Everywhere
Chapter 1222: A Trick
Chapter 1221: The Original Nebula
Chapter 1220: Ask A Tiger For Its Skin
Chapter 1219: The Arrogant Immortal Cour
Chapter 1218: Opponents Always Me
Chapter 1217: They Used To Be A Couple
Chapter 1216: Candle Sunlight Emperor
Chapter 1215: Die For Justice
Chapter 1214: The Last Battle Of His Life
Chapter 1213: The Strange Movements Of The Dim Radiant Wheel
Chapter 1212: Domineering, Arrogan
Chapter 1211: Enter The Immortal Court Again
Chapter 1210: What On Earth Is The Relationship Between The Two Of You?
Chapter 1209: An Easy Capture
Chapter 1208: Regarding Tenth Level Of Demon King Of Nothing
Chapter 1207: Fire Dragon World
Chapter 1206: Transforming Into The North Ocean Clone
Chapter 1205: Heaven Opening Scripture
Chapter 1204: Someone Became An Immortal
Chapter 1203: A Timely Rain Watering The Precious Tree
Chapter 1202: The Ginseng Fruit Tree Which Had Been Grafted
Chapter 1201: Yan Zhaoge In Indignation Translator: Dragonrider
Chapter 1200: Rebuild The Broad Creed Mountain Translator: Dragonrider
Chapter 1199: The Essential Daoism Sect, The Broad Creed Mountain Translator: Dragonrider
Chapter 1198: Sword Sovereign's Message
Chapter 1197: Astro Sovereign Blocking The Door
Chapter 1196: Not In The Same Camp
Chapter 1195: The Shadow In The World Beyond Worlds
Chapter 1194: You Have To See Me
Chapter 1193: Come After Concealed Sovereign Translator: Dragonrider
Chapter 1192: The Possibility Of The Immortal Court Getting Involved
Chapter 1191: Regret For Thousands Of Years
Chapter 1190: Astro Sovereign Showed Up Translator: Dragonrider
Chapter 1189: No One Knows Her Better Than You Translator: Dragonrider
Chapter 1188: The Moment You Saw That, Retreat Translator: Dragonrider
Chapter 1187: Jie Mingkong Opened Her Eyes Translator: Dragonrider
Chapter 1186: I Have Already Gone Crazy Thousand Years Ago
Chapter 1185: Even If You Would Hate Me For This
Chapter 1184: Female Emperor's Pas
Chapter 1183: The Cause Before, The Effect Today
Chapter 1182: Instruction From Astro Sovereign
Chapter 1181: New Nine Luminaries Of Kunlun
Chapter 1180: Thousands Of Years In Suppressing A Demon
Chapter 1179: Exalted Water Luminary
Chapter 1178: Meeting Astro Sovereign At Las
Chapter 1177: Beat Around The Bush
Chapter 1176: Encountering The Female Emperor
Chapter 1175: The Demonized Buddha
Chapter 1174: The Search For Astro Sovereign
Chapter 1173: The Road From True Immortal To Profound Immortal
Chapter 1172: The Leakless True Immortal Versus The Tranquil Profound Immortal
Chapter 1171: Destroy Your Mountain And Pull Out Your Tree
Chapter 1170: Barge In Kunlun Mountain
Chapter 1169: Tit For Ta
Chapter 1168: Central Kunlun, East Broad Creed
Chapter 1167: The Battle That Shook The World Beyond Worlds
Chapter 1166: Joy And Tragedy
Chapter 1165: This Is Just A Great Big Pit Waiting For Someone To Fall Inside I
Chapter 1164: Heavenly Lords Of Daoism
Chapter 1163: Exalted Solar Luminary
Chapter 1162: Counterplan
Chapter 1161: Mother And Son Mee
Chapter 1160: Today's Battle Is Only The Beginning
Chapter 1159: If Others Won't Reap Your Old Bones, I Will!
Chapter 1158: We Cannot Coexis
Chapter 1157: Sword In Hand, Even Immortals Flee!
Chapter 1156: Yan Zhaoge Goes 1V2
Chapter 1155: The Heavens Crush The Earth!
Chapter 1154: Creation Sabre, Extinguishing Heaven!
Chapter 1153: Yours Is But A Sham!
Chapter 1152: Yan Di Battles Upper And Lower!
Chapter 1151: Sabre Overshadows The Earth!
Chapter 1150: Yan Di Returns
Chapter 1149: Inextinguishable In Earlier Heaven, Presiding Loftily In Universe
Chapter 1148: I Help My Kin, Not Logic
Chapter 1147: We Have Been Waiting For This Day Too
Chapter 1146: A Truly Unforgettable Scene
Chapter 1145: Ninth Level Martial Saint Vs True Immortal!
Chapter 1144: Ninth Level Of The Martial Saint Realm, Late Immortal Bridge Stage!
Chapter 1143: One After Another
Chapter 1142: Operation Capturing Crane Begins
Chapter 1141: Two Full Generations Beneath Her Husband?!
Chapter 1140: A Certain Wily Fatty
Chapter 1139: The Tribulation Beckoneth
Chapter 1138: Three Year Anniversary
Chapter 1137: Income Skyrocketing
Chapter 1136: No Lack Of Customers
Chapter 1135: The Bastard's A No-Show!
Chapter 1134: The Unethical Merchant Yan Zhaoge
Chapter 1133: Limited Stock, High Demand
Chapter 1132: To The Highest Bidder
Chapter 1131: Mass Anticipation
Chapter 1130: One Year Of Cultivation Equivalent To Others' Many Years
Chapter 1129: Finally, After A Long Time
Chapter 1128: The Spectacular Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion
Chapter 1127: History's Most Exaggerated Exalt's Cave Manor
Chapter 1126: Grand Harvest Of Grand Clear Direct Lineage Supreme Martial Arts
Chapter 1125: I Have Strong Morals
Chapter 1124: One Sword Shocking God, Earlier Heaven Nascent Form
Chapter 1123: Long Since Having An Owner, Southern Heavens Sheer Sword
Chapter 1122: Things Chen Qianhua Would Do
Chapter 1121: The Newly Appointed Southern Exalt
Chapter 1120: News On The Pill Hall Of The Heavenly Court's Divine Palace
Chapter 1119: The World Beyond Worlds' Number One Emperor
Chapter 1118: The Emperor Who Is Not Like An Emperor
Chapter 1117: Titles Cannot Be Randomly Assumed
Chapter 1116: Nine Heavens Soaring Solo Crane, Fragrant Splendour Fills Divine Lands
Chapter 1115: The Thick Dark History
Chapter 1114: Subtle, Wondrous Fate
Chapter 1113: Sword Dao Ever Through Straight Centre True, Vile Wretches Often End Impure Impaled Cold
Chapter 1112: A Frank 'I Lose'
Chapter 1111: Getting To Know Each Other Through Sparring?
Chapter 1110: The Depressed Sword Cultivators Of The Prime Clear Lineage
Chapter 1109: What A Fallen Deity Indeed!
Chapter 1108: Lotus Pond Deciphering Sword, Immortal Exterminating Sword Manual
Chapter 1107: Old Residence Of The Sword Emperor
Chapter 1106: Jade Clear Direct Lineage And Prime Clear Direct Lineage
Chapter 1105: First Meeting With Bigwig Of The Prime Clear Lineage
Chapter 1104: Immortal Artifact, Heavenly Heart Ruler
Chapter 1103: Roving Jade Heavens
Chapter 1102: Young But With Great Seniority
Chapter 1101: Contest Between Two Emperors
Chapter 1100: Yin And Yang Of Taiji, Black And White Brocade Emperors
Chapter 1099: Strong Exterior, Weak Interior
Chapter 1098: The Same Method Once More
Chapter 1097: Being Surprised By Others
Chapter 1096: Two Madmen Are Worse Than One
Chapter 1095: The Real Ace Up Yan Zhaoge's Sleeve
Chapter 1094: Gigantic Black Buddha!
Chapter 1093: A Venomous Tiger Eats Not Its Offspring?
Chapter 1092: Sovereign Of The Immortal Court
Chapter 1091: Eighth Level Of The Martial Saint Realm, Mid Immortal Bridge Stage
Chapter 1090: Feng Yunsheng's Message
Chapter 1089: A Light Burning After Death, Abstruse Mysteries Left Through Millennia
Chapter 1088: The Dead Emperor Of The Devilish Dao
Chapter 1087: The Peak Of The Devils
Chapter 1086: Twelve Devilish Gods
Chapter 1085: Sword God, Sword Devil
Chapter 1084: Searching The Nine Underworlds
Chapter 1083: Grand Illusory Spatial Thunder
Chapter 1082: Land Of Tranquil Stream
Chapter 1081: Dense Encompassing Emperor
Chapter 1080: The Fun In Swatting Flies
Chapter 1079: Grand Longevity Banner
Chapter 1078: Superior In All Aspects
Chapter 1077: Like Swatting A Fly
Chapter 1076: Do Whatever You Want. If I Change My Technique, I Lose
Chapter 1075: Fallen Deity Vs Heavenly Young Master
Chapter 1074: Fulfilling Another's Wishes
Chapter 1073: True Problem
Chapter 1072: Feng Yunsheng's Whereabouts
Chapter 1071: Thoughts Regarding The Sacred Sun Clan?
Chapter 1070: The Brocade Emperor Descends To The Eight Extremities World
Chapter 1069: The Madman Whose Actions Are Hard To Predict
Chapter 1068: A Meeting Long Overdue
Chapter 1067: The Dead Are Departed
Chapter 1066: Difficult To Identify As Friend Or Foe
Chapter 1065: The Compromised Emperor
Chapter 1064: Amongst Thousands, Two Have Sailed
Chapter 1063: A Fallen Deity Who Pointlessly Dabbles In Everything
Chapter 1062: Skills Suppressing All Around
Chapter 1061: Conquest
Chapter 1060: Hidden Sea Sword, Wind Thunder Manor
Chapter 1059: Arms Dealer Yan Zhaoge
Chapter 1058: Affecting The Entire World Beyond Worlds
Chapter 1057: A Deep Valley Within Kunlun Mountain
Chapter 1056: Scheming While Fleeing
Chapter 1055: Where It All Began
Chapter 1054: Because I Find It Interesting
Chapter 1053: Head Of The Ten Exalts
Chapter 1052: Things Still Aren't Over Yet
Chapter 1051: To, Kunlun Mountain!
Chapter 1050: Millennia Old Secret
Chapter 1049: The Reason Behind Seeking To Capture Xue Chuqing
Chapter 1048: Geniuses Of Daoism
Chapter 1047: Kunlun's God Shocking Dragon, Youth Enlightening Eight Sects
Chapter 1046: Shallow Water Cannot Sustain True Dragons
Chapter 1045: Gradually Becoming The Well-Deserved East Peak Of Daoism
Chapter 1044: Father And Son, Duo Fallen Deities They Are
Chapter 1043: An Exalt Perishes
Chapter 1042: So What If We Are Overbearing!
Chapter 1041: Not Just A Single Great Backer!
Chapter 1040: A Human Exalt As A Junior Apprentice-Nephew
Chapter 1039: The Arrogant, Domineering Yan Zhaoge
Chapter 1038: Stomping On The Shoulders Of An Emperor
Chapter 1037: Earth Mother Dao Ritual, Later Earth Text!
Chapter 1036: Yan Zhaoge's Counterattack
Chapter 1035: The Most Impossible Figure Appears
Chapter 1034: The River Flows Again
Chapter 1033: The Focal Point Of The Battlefield
Chapter 1032: The Heaven Emperor Descends
Chapter 1031: The Beaten Phoenix
Chapter 1030: Taiyi Fist
Chapter 1029: Skill Shocking An Exalt!
Chapter 1028: Palm Pressuring Heaven Earth Suppressing Fiery Phoenix
Chapter 1027: Sabre Breaking Yin Yang Cleaving Red Sea
Chapter 1026: Immortal Bridge Vs Human Exalt
Chapter 1025: Battle Of Human Exalts
Chapter 1024: Some Things Can And Cannot Be Done
Chapter 1023: Six Exalts Gather At Broad Creed Mountain
Chapter 1022: Broad Creed Mountain's Opening Ceremony
Chapter 1021: Everything Rests On Today
Chapter 1020: Even Without Me, My Legend Lives On
Chapter 1019: Young Chief Yan And Second Young Master Chen
Chapter 1018: A Visitor, Earthly Young Master
Chapter 1017: A Big Stage, I Like It
Chapter 1016: Unprecedented Event In The Royal Reed Sea
Chapter 1015: Seeking Assistance
Chapter 1014: The Phoenix Weeps Blood
Chapter 1013: The Exalts Return
Chapter 1012: Official Opening Ceremony, Broad Creed Mountain Gives Invitations
Chapter 1011: Seventh Level Of The Martial Saint Realm, Early Immortal Bridge Stage
Chapter 1010: A Terrifying Person
Chapter 1009: Martial Saint Retainer
Chapter 1008: The Yan Family's Wives
Chapter 1007: A Newly Ascended Legend Or A Fleeting Shooting Star
Chapter 1006: Ten Great Sacred Artifacts
Chapter 1005: Dim Radiant Twelve Arts
Chapter 1004: The Imperious Embryonic Immortal Artifact
Chapter 1003: Humans Versus Immortals
Chapter 1002: The Momentum Lies With Me, I Am Unstoppable
Chapter 1001: Yan Di
Chapter 1000: Fortune Awaiting At Home
Chapter 999: Broad Creed Mountain's Immortal Bridge Martial Saint
Chapter 998: From Solar Luminary Young Master To Fallen Deity
Chapter 997: Fame Shaking The World
Chapter 996: Yan Zhaoge, The Fallen Deity
Chapter 995: All Dead, Every Single One Of Them
Chapter 994: Spent Their Whole Lives Living As Dogs
Chapter 993: Kill! Kill!
Chapter 992: Stronger, More Domineering!
Chapter 991: You Could Only Enter Because I Let You
Chapter 990: Yellow River Floods Troops
Chapter 989: Since I Have Come Here, This Place Is My Territory
Chapter 988: Destined To Become A Legend
Chapter 987: Circumference Mountain Is A Good Place
Chapter 986: If I Said I'd Rampage All The Way Back, I'll Rampage All The Way Back
Chapter 985: Scaring Away The Numerous Heroes
Chapter 984: Peerless Genius
Chapter 983: Great Axe Chopping Wutong!
Chapter 982: Simply Killing Him
Chapter 981: It's Useless Whoever Comes
Chapter 980: Fearsome And Domineering
Chapter 979: No One At All Who Can Fight
Chapter 978: Claiming His Old Life
Chapter 977: Slaying Azure Dragon
Chapter 976: What Difference Does It Make If You All Attack Together?
Chapter 975: A Hundred Thousand Troops Shall Not Hinder My Path!
Chapter 974: The Outcome Of Playing Petty Tricks
Chapter 973: Alliance
Chapter 972: Voice Quaking Vast Spirit Mountain!
Chapter 971: Let This Yan See How Many Heroic Figures There Are Here!
Chapter 970: Audacity Rivalling The Heavens
Chapter 969: The Yan Zhaoge Who Goes Against The Usual Flow
Chapter 968: Great Ape King
Chapter 967: Rampaging All The Way Back!
Chapter 966: Yan Zhaoge's Lesson Number Two
Chapter 965: Here's Lesson Number One
Chapter 964: Two Centuries Ago Little Sword God, One Century Ago Heavenly Young Master
Chapter 963: Upper Exalt
Chapter 962: Already Slaughtered By Me
Chapter 961: One-Eyed Dragon
Chapter 960: Great Sun Glorious Heavenly Thunder
Chapter 959: Giving Early Condolences
Chapter 958: Thunderbolt Blood
Chapter 957: Entering The Southern Blazing Heaven Territory
Chapter 956: Breaking The Phoenix
Chapter 955: Yan Zhaoge's Question
Chapter 954: The Ambition Of Yan Zhaoge
Chapter 953: A Fight Breaking Out At Once
Chapter 952: The Phoenix Prince Is Angered To Death
Chapter 951: Major Gift From The Onset
Chapter 950: An Ancient Legacy
Chapter 949: A Big Mistake
Chapter 948: Who Really Represents The Magnificence Of The Sun?
Chapter 947: Slaughtering Golden Crow!
Chapter 946: Golden Crow Remnant Soul
Chapter 945: Those Who Arrive First May Not Succeed, The Able Takes All
Chapter 944: In The Depths Of The White Clouds
Chapter 943: A Golden Crow Amidst The Sea
Chapter 942: A Disaster Of Extermination
Chapter 941: The Other Half Of The Whisk
Chapter 940: Path To The Immortal Bridge
Chapter 939: This Life Eternally Belongs To The Yan Family
Chapter 938: The End Of The Battle
Chapter 937: A Gathering Of Exalts
Chapter 936: Heaven Opening Scripture
Chapter 935: The Learned See The Skills, The Ignorant Watch The Show
Chapter 934: The Brocade Emperor
Chapter 933: Leakless True Immortal
Chapter 932: Before The Battle Commences
Chapter 931: Seeing Him In A Different Light
Chapter 930: Nongli Mountain Loses All Face
Chapter 929: The Arrogant, Overbearing Yan Zhaoge
Chapter 928: Losing Before Even Seeing Him
Chapter 927: Nongli Mountain, West Peak Of Daoism
Chapter 926: Red Lotus Heavenly Vessel
Chapter 925: Feng Yunsheng's Friend
Chapter 924: Earth Exalt
Chapter 923: A Shocking Genius
Chapter 922: The Upcoming Battle Between Emperors
Chapter 921: Sixth Level Of The Martial Saint Realm, Late Seeing Divinity Stage
Chapter 920: Senior Brother Married Junior Sister, Junior Brother Married Senior Sister
Chapter 919: Number One Figure In The Dao Of The Sword In Post-Great Calamity Times
Chapter 918: The Most Powerful Family
Chapter 917: The End Of The Line For The Vast Yang Exalt
Chapter 916: Slaying An Exalt
Chapter 915: Little Sword God
Chapter 914: Vicious
Chapter 913: Cohabiting With The Heavens
Chapter 912: A Figure Rarely Seen In Ten Thousand Years
Chapter 911: Is This Guy Even Human?!
Chapter 910: What Do I Know? I Know That Your Death Draws Near
Chapter 909: My Mother, You Really Know How To Run
Chapter 908: Based On Mood
Chapter 907: The Xue Chuqing Who Goes About Things A Different Way
Chapter 906: What Role Does The World Beyond Worlds Play?
Chapter 905: The Orthodox Way, The Devilish Path And The External Dao
Chapter 904: Sincerely Devoted To The Dao, The Heavenly Lord's Blessings Cometh
Chapter 903: Immortal Court Of Daoism, Blessed Lands Of Buddhism
Chapter 902: Immeasurable Heavenly Lord
Chapter 901: One Halberd Breaking The World
Chapter 900: Could It Have Been Intentional
Chapter 899: Immortal Artifact Coming For Revenge
Chaoter 898: Drawn Into An Unrelated Conflict
Chapter 897: The Missing Brocade Emperor
Chapter 896: The Guest Comes But The Host Is Missing
Chapter 895: Enforcing The Agreement
Chapter 894: The Marriage Plan
Chapter 893: The Problematic Immortal Artifact
Chapter 892: The Invitation From The Brocade Emperor
Chapter 891: The Grand Xuan Dynasty Becomes History
Chapter 890: Rulers Of Two Territories
Chapter 889: Southern Exalt
Chapter 888: Tenth Level Of The Martial Saint Realm, Body Of A Human Immortal
Chapter 887: The Leaf Of A Ginseng Fruit
Chapter 886: The Spoils Of War Are Always The Best
Chapter 885: The New Hegemon Of The Royal Reed Sea
Chapter 884: You Asked To Die, So Who Will Die But You?
Chapter 883: Challenging The Star Plucking Practitioner!
Chapter 882: Gonna Slay Them All!
Chapter 881: Sweeping Through His Enemies!
Chapter 880: Yan Zhaoge's Self-Created Martial Art
Chapter 879: One Sword Quelling The Chaotic Heavens!
Chapter 878: If You're Capable, Come Battle. If You're Not, Shut Up.
Chapter 877: Made To Beat High-Grade Sacred Artifacts!
Chapter 876: The Yan Zhaoge Who Has Truly Ascended Into The World Beyond Worlds
Chapter 875: Yan Zhaoge Sees Divinity, Starfire Illuminating The Sky!
Chapter 874: Staging A Robbery Amidst A Fire
Chapter 873: Star Plucking Practitioner
Chapter 872: Sabres That Split And Extinguish The Heavens
Chapter 871: There Are Always Those Few People Who Can Create Miracles
Chapter 870: News Of An Immortal Artifact
Chapter 869: Yan Zhaoge Ascends
Chapter 868: The Decisive Battle Arrives
Chapter 867: The Best And Final Chance
Chapter 866: Shen Lingzi Meets An Obstacle
Chapter 865: The Long Prepared Yan Zhaoge
Chapter 864: The Sword Of Time
Chapter 863: Take No Prisoners, Accept No Surrender!
Chapter 862: Top Defensive Location
Chapter 861: Yan Zhaoge Enters Seclusion
Chapter 860: Are You Kidding Me?
Chapter 859: The Swindling Yan Zhaoge
Chapter 858: Looking Forward To A Perfect Result
Chapter 857: Accepting The Gift
Chapter 856: Nodding Off And Someone Sends A Pillow
Chapter 855: The Martial Art That Came For Free
Chapter 854: The Wealthy Yan Zhaoge
Chapter 853: Broad Creed Mountain, World Beyond Worlds
Chapter 852: Undivinable By Oracle Divination
Chapter 851: Returning To The Southeast
Chapter 850: Secret Legacy, The Mysterious Sixth Emperor
Chapter 849: His Mother's Origins
Chapter 848: A Battle Between Exalts
Chapter 847: There Is Nothing A Single Palm Cannot Solve; If There Is, Well, Another Palm Then
Chapter 846: Undying At The Same Cultivation Level
Chapter 845: The One Who Played Dead And Fled
Chapter 844: Not Leaving Anyone Alive!
Chapter 843: An Unexpected Relationship
Chapter 842: His Mother's Handiwork
Chapter 841: Knocking Out And Kidnapping?
Chapter 840: Returning To The World Beyond Worlds!
Chapter 839: Learning How To Flip Over The Wall
Chapter 838: You Will Have Died For Nothing
Chapter 837: The Mysterious Stranger And The Vengeance That Never Came
Chapter 836: Maybe You Don't Dare To Kill 'Em, But I Do
Chapter 835: Big Monk, Let Me Send You On Your Way
Chapter 834: Rain Of Swords Slaying Buddha Dragon
Chapter 833: Who Is Trapped Beneath This Mountain?
Chapter 832: The Roar From Beneath Five Elements Mountain!
Chapter 831: The Two Sides Of The Wall
Chapter 830: The Thriving Buddhism
Chapter 829: Numerous Efficacious Pills Of Differing Functions
Chapter 828: Doubly Rewarded
Chapter 827: Obtaining The Furnace
Chapter 826: Where The Water Is Dry, Watching The Clouds Rise High
Chapter 825: Meeting A Match
Chapter 824: Gossip On Bigwigs
Chapter 823: Moving Afterwards Yet Securing The Advantage
Chapter 822: Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace!
Chapter 821: Deciding The Battle In A Single Move
Chapter 820: Yan Zhaoge's Mockery
Chapter 819: Taiji Vs Taiji
Chapter 818: Grand Clear Direct Lineage!
Chapter 817: So You Are Yan Zhaoge?
Chapter 816: A Fiery Beauty
Chapter 815: Realm Of Divine Pills, Seven Distinct Levels!
Chapter 814: Golden Pill Pointing The Way
Chapter 813: The Ultimate Wastrel Yan Zhaoge
Chapter 812: Supreme Treasure Of The Heavenly Court's Divine Palace
Chapter 811: Immortal Ending Sword And Immortal Trapping Sword
Chapter 810: Divine Palace's Pill Hall And Pill Furnace
Chapter 809: True Origins
Chapter 808: Switching A Live Person
Chapter 807: Demonspawn, Show Your True Form!
Chapter 806: Truth And Falsity Cannot Be Reversed
Chapter 805: Real Yan Zhaoge, Fake Yan Zhaoge
Chapter 804: You Guys Are Really Having Fun
Chapter 803: People Fear Fame
Chapter 802: Three Yan Zhaoges
Chapter 801: Treasured Collection
Chapter 800: The Famed Yan Zhaoge
Chapter 799: Meng Wan's Origins
Chapter 798: Golden Court Mountain, Southeastern Exalt
Chapter 797: The Seal Hidden In The Depths Of The Soul
Chapter 796: The Monks Can Run But Not The Temple
Chapter 795: Preparations For Broad Creed Mountain
Chapter 794: Overwhelming Treasure
Chapter 793: The Divine Pill From The Heavenly Court's Divine Palace
Chapter 792: Kidnapping
Chapter 791: Ferocious Dragons Must Cross The River, Fearsome Dragons Will Soar The Skies
Chapter 790: Wealth Even Greater Than The Southeastern Exalt's
Chapter 789: Closure At Last
Chapter 788: Time For Vengeance To Be Had!
Chapter 787: A Good Chance To Kick Them When They Are Down
Chapter 786: Ascending To The Heavens And Seizing The Moon!
Chapter 785: The Evil Sword Is Born
Chapter 784: Did I Allow You To Leave?
Chapter 783: Revival Of The Taotie
Chapter 782: You Cannot Stop Me From Killing Who I Want To Kill!
Chapter 781: Those Looking For Trouble Should Go Line Up
Chapter 780: Phoenix Bone
Chapter 779: Wherever You Go, My Broad Creed Mountain Can Still Take Care Of You
Chapter 778: A Battle Long Overdue
Chapter 777: You Are Unlucky
Chapter 776: Forsaking The Depraved For The Righteous?
Chapter 775: Advancement To The Second Level Of The Martial Saint Realm!
Chapter 774: Not Having It Good Even After Death
Chapter 773: Myriad Phenomena Transformation Sword Pool
Chapter 772: Heaven Swallowing Sword Box
Chapter 771: Faster Than You
Chapter 770: More Tyrannical Than You!
Chapter 769: Fiery Phoenix At The Ocean's Depths
Chapter 768: Difference In Martial Scriptures
Chapter 767: A New Site For Their Base
Chapter 766: Same Art But Of Different Lineages
Chapter 765: Slaying The Xuan King!
Chapter 764: Wherever We Are, I Can Still Defeat You!
Chapter 763: One Sabre Opening The Way!
Chapter 762: The Heavens And Earth Cannot Stop My Advance!
Chapter 761: If You're So Great, Come Get Me Then
Chapter 760: Sweeping Away All Enemies!
Chapter 759: Kunpeng Overturns The Sea, Ripping Through The Three Realms!
Chapter 758: It Seems You Don't Want This Anymore
Chapter 757: Taking Them From Behind!
Chapter 756: The Grand Xuan Dynasty Invades The Eight Extremities World
Chapter 755: The Radiant Light Sect Falls
Chapter 754: Yin And Yang Coexisting, Gradually Improving
Chapter 753: The Endangered Radiant Light Sect
Chapter 752: Sword Of The Prime Clear Lineage
Chapter 751: Tragedy To Befall The Radiant Light Sect
Chapter 750: Turning The Impossible Into A Possibility
Chapter 749: Roc Expels The Sun, Sword Of Shocking Thunder
Chapter 748: Accepting Battle
Chapter 747: An Immortal Bridge Martial Saint With A Dead Wife
Chapter 746: The Fate Of The Grand Xuan Dynasty
Chapter 745: If I Had Known, I Would Have Blocked Your Path
Chapter 744: Everyone, The Race Starts Now
Chapter 743: Fourth Of The Nine Heavenly Immortal Thunders, Heart's Will Thunder!
Chapter 742: The Old Man's Fortuitous Encounters
Chapter 741: Reigning The World With A Single Arm
Chapter 740: Cultivating In A Third Heavenly Scripture!
Chapter 739: Accompany Me As I Cultivate Here
Chapter 738: Blocking Your Way Out
Chapter 737: Help Me To Do Two Things
Chapter 736: A Fake Descends
Chapter 735: The Floating Gate World
Chapter 734: On The Same Boat
Chapter 733: The Mantis Stalks The Cicada, Unaware Of The Oriole Behind
Chapter 732: Enemies Meet On A Narrow Path
Chapter 731: Yuan Zhengfeng's Whereabouts
Chapter 730: Similar Palm Arts
Chapter 729: The Result Of Going All Out
Chapter 728: I Also Like Trashing Weaklings
Chapter 727: I Never Hide My Name
Chapter 726: Without All Five Virtues, You Are But A Featherless Phoenix
Chapter 725: Please Move Aside
Chapter 724: Double Happiness!
Chapter 723: Daoism And Buddhism!
Chapter 722: The Snow Crane Of Kunlun Mountain
Chapter 721: Peerless Infinity Of Primordial Beginning, One Of A Kind
Chapter 720: The Most Suitable Treasure!
Chapter 719: One Loss After Another
Chapter 718: You Should Be Awakening From Your Dream
Chapter 717: Embryonic Immortal Artifact
Chapter 716: Supreme Treasure, Dim Radiant Wheel!
Chapter 715: The Existence Atop The Altar
Chapter 714: The Man-Crazy Young Girl
Chapter 713: A Great Mystery
Chapter 712: Behind The Great Door
Chapter 711: Clashing And Deceiving
Chapter 710: Remnants Of The Divine Palace, Door Of White Jade!
Chapter 709: Something That Yan Zhaoge Is Drawn To
Chapter 708: The Emperor's Vanished Corpse
Chapter 707: Killing Formlessly
Chapter 706: All Or Nothing
Chapter 705: Beating The Grass To Startle The Snake
Chapter 704: No Mishaps Can Be Condoned!
Chapter 703: Mausoleum Of The Dim Radiant Emperor
Chapter 702: Flowers Bloom Only Sometimes, Blossoming Or Wilting Hard To Tell
Chapter 701: The Radiant Light Sect's Chains
Chapter 700: A New Generation Arises!
Chapter 699: Losing Without Battling, Winning Without Battling
Chapter 698: Also Caused By This Yan
Chapter 697: First Meeting
Chapter 696: With Us, It Will Be Different
Chapter 695: Doubts Alleviated!
Chapter 694: Historical Secrets
Chapter 693: The Heavens Of The Royal Reed Sea Change
Chapter 692: A Wonderful Experience
Chapter 691: Exposing Them Straight In The Face
Chapter 690: Who Can Allow The Likes Of You To Distort Facts?
Chapter 689: This Is A Family
Chapter 688: Yan Zhaoge's Aim.
Chapter 687: Aboveboard Scheme
Chapter 686: True Motive
Chapter 685: The Youngest Martial Saint!
Chapter 684: Between Victory And Defeat
Chapter 683: Better Not To Act
Chapter 682: A Divine Vessel Above!
Chapter 681: A Legend Amongst Legends
Chapter 680: Not Just Blustering
Chapter 679: A Major Background?
Chapter 678: Killing His Way Out!
Chapter 677: Not Giving Any Way To Escape!
Chapter 676: Your Fate, I Decide!
Chapter 675: Only Extinction!
Chapter 674: Rampage! Rampage!
Chapter 673: Hence Does Sainthood Descend!
Chapter 672: You Will Temper My Blade
Chapter 671: Twelve Breaths Of Time!
Chapter 670: Precisely Fitting My Intentions
Chapter 669: Squaring Off
Chapter 668: The Truth Is Out, Reputation Blown!
Chapter 667: How Is It Possible To Not Leave His Name Behind After A Good Deed?
Chapter 666: The Way You Eat Is Too Ugly
Chapter 665: How Would It Be So Easy To Steal My Credit?
Chapter 664: Mind If I Use My Mouth?
Chapter 663: Fanning The Flames
Chapter 662: Stealing His Credit
Chapter 661: An Unprecedented Path
Chapter 660: Thank You For Your Great Gift
Chapter 659: An Unexpected Surprise
Chapter 658: Old Dog, Let Me Give You Some Pointers
Chapter 657: True Dragon Hides Its Head Without A Trace
Chapter 656: The World Within The Earth Devouring Burner
Chapter 655: Accruing A Great Debt Of Gratitude
Chapter 654: Legendary, Miraculous Feat
Chapter 653: Who Will Be Reduced To The Dust Of Bones?
Chapter 652: Overturning A Powerful Force With A Subtle One
Chapter 651: So What If I Have Designs On You?
Chapter 650: Yan Zhaoge Goes Fishing, The Willing Bites The Hook
Chapter 649: Many Gains With A Single Action
Chapter 648: Questioning
Chapter 647: As If Able To See Her Future
Chapter 646: Yet Another 'Sikong Qing'
Chapter 645: Going About It Another Way
Chapter 644: Cold Sun Divine Sabre
Chapter 643: A Resounding Slap
Chapter 642: Your Martial Arts Are Far From Proficient
Chapter 641: Changes In Sun And Moon That Overturn The Heavens And Earth
Chapter 640: Who It Belongs To Is Not Up To You!
Chapter 639: A Chance Arrives
Chapter 638: Ritual Of Dim Sun And Cold Moon
Chapter 637: Hopping Along For A Ride
Chapter 636: Where There Are Crises There Are Also Opportunities
Chapter 635: More Highly Skilled
Chapter 634: You Can't Not Admit It!
Chapter 633: Too Low Level, Can't Catch His Eye
Chapter 632: Awaiting With Bated Breath!
Chapter 631: I'm Still Very Popular
Chapter 630: The Path Of A Martial Saint
Chapter 629: The Dim Darkness Sect That Is Messed With Yet Further
Chapter 628: Killing A Martial Saint
Chapter 627: Coming Is Easy But Leaving Is Hard
Chapter 626: Can't Beat A Martial Saint? Transcend Mortality
Chapter 625: I Must Stop When You Ask Me To?
Chapter 624: It's Not Me Who Should Leave
Chapter 623: Relax, Relax
Chapter 622: Transcending Mortality, I See Lord Primordial
Chapter 621: The Cunning Yan Zhaoge
Chapter 620: Shocking The Dim Darkness Sect
Chapter 619: The Virtuous Yan Zhaoge
Chapter 618: Good Fortune Right Beyond The Door
Chapter 617: The World Beyond Worlds That Is Miraculous Beyond Words
Chapter 616: A Former Playmate!
Chapter 615: Yan Zhaoge, The Living Legend.
Chapter 614: I'll Give You A Lesson
Chapter 613: A Single Person Stirring The World's Power Balance
Chapter 612: His Very Presence Is Intimidation
Chapter 611: Vast Ocean World Once More!
Chapter 610: Miraculous Sabre
Chapter 609: Thank You For Coming, You're Welcome To Come At Any Time
Chapter 608: Sounding So Arrogant, Come Down If You Dare?
Chapter 607: Chaotic Devils Beneath Sun And Moon, My Sabre Shall Hence Break
Chapter 606: Gloriously Coming For Revenge? Get Wrecked!
Chapter 605: Congratulations From All Around
Chapter 604: I Just Like This Part Of You
Chapter 603: The Abnormal Yan Wudi!
Chapter 602: There's A Girl Who's Caught My Eye
Chapter 601: Treasure Of Light And Darkness
Chapter 600: Old Man Mo's Gift!
Chapter 599: It Was Me Who Killed Them
Chapter 598: The Stunned Huang Guanglie
Chapter 597: He Who No One Dares To Provoke
Chapter 596: A Broad Creed Mountain That Is Armed To The Teeth
Chapter 595: A Good Mission
Chapter 594: One Hand Raising The Heavens, One Hand Covering The Heavens!
Chapter 593: As Long As I Still Breathe, To Broad Creed Mountain I Must Go!
Chapter 592: The Entire World Is Shaken
Chapter 591: The Decisions Of The Old!
Chapter 590: A Single Glance To Render You Dead
Chapter 589: I Want To Kill You, So What If You're Unresigned?
Chapter 588: Reinvestigating The Case!
Chapter 587: The Hand Of Judgment
Chapter 586: Yan Zhaoge Returns!
Chapter 585: World Illuminating Young Master Huang Jie, Dies!
Chapter 584: Levelling The World Illuminating Peak
Chapter 583: Acting Cool To Their Own Deaths
Chapter 582: The Two Of You Will Die Rather More Pitiably
Chapter 581: All Stay Behind, Don't Even Think About Running
Chapter 580: It's Your Direct Lineage I Am Beating
Chapter 579: It's Otherworldly Experts I Am Beating!
Chapter 578: My Clone Is Not At The First Level Of The Martial Saint Realm
Chapter 577: Battling A Sacred Artifact With A Bamboo Cane
Chapter 576: You're Not Qualified To Fight With Me
Chapter 575: Where Is Yan Zhaoge?
Chapter 574: Slaying Shen Li!
Chapter 573: Skinhead Shen, Run Again For Me To See?
Chapter 572: Whoever Has Defamed Or Framed Me, Just Drop Dead Already
Chapter 571: With My Heavenly Altar, Who Amongst Martial Grandmasters Can Stand Against Me?
Chapter 570: I'm Back!
Chapter 569: Ninth Level Of The Martial Grandmaster Realm, Late Essence Talisman Stage!
Chapter 568: Obtaining The Sacred Artifact!
Chapter 567: Superior To In The Past!
Chapter 566: Myriad Dragon Hordes
Chapter 565: Buy One Get One Free
Chapter 564: There's No Need To Wait For Next Time
Chapter 563: Riding On A Dragon!
Chapter 562: Burial Ground Of Numerous Dragons
Chapter 561: Bright Moon Above The Sea, Distant Horizons Sharing The Moment
Chapter 560: Heaven Spying Orb
Chapter 559: Great Happenings
Chapter 558: A Great Net
Chapter 557: Stirring Something Out Of Nothing
Chapter 556: A Bolt From The Blue!
Chapter 555: Emotions
Chapter 554: Refutation
Chapter 553: The Path Back To The Eight Extremities World
Chapter 552: The Brilliant Thunder Sect That Got Hit Out Of Nowhere
Chapter 551: The Decimation Sent Their Way
Chapter 550: Claiming His Life When He Is Enfeebled
Chapter 549: The Dragon Gate Opens!
Chapter 548: Beat Him When He's Down
Chapter 547: Trapping A Martial Saint
Chapter 546: I'll Decide On My Spoils Of Victory
Chapter 545: The Truth Is Revealed, Death By A Single Palm
Chapter 544: This Yan Zhaoge, Cannot Be Offended
Chapter 543: Death Of The Blood Dragon
Chapter 542: Kill!
Chapter 541: Breaking Another Of Your Fingers!
Chapter 540: World Shocking
Chapter 539: Who Dares To Touch My Junior Apprentice-Nephew
Chapter 538: Don't Be Flustered
Chapter 537: Direct Confrontation
Chapter 536: Truth And Falsehoods
Chapter 535: Reunion
Chapter 534: Mid Essence Talisman Stage
Chapter 533: Beam Of The Divine Palace
Chapter 532: Just One Of Your Finger's Not Gonna Cut It
Chapter 531: I'll Make Your Nine Fingers Into Eight Fingers
Chapter 530: Who's The More Arrogant?
Chapter 529: Well And Properly Trapped
Chapter 528: You Have Standards
Chapter 527: Bright Starlight
Chapter 526: Searching
Chapter 525: They Didn't Elope, Right?
Chapter 524: Kidnapped Someone's Daughter And Ran Off?
Chapter 523: A Wastrel Who Burns Away High-Grade Spirit Artifacts Like Firewood
Chapter 522: Cultivating In A Second Heavenly Scripture!
Chapter 521: Soaring To Prominence, Destined To Be A Legend!
Chapter 520: I'm Really Not The Sort Of Person To Bear Grudges
Chapter 519: So What If I Kill You?
Chapter 518: You Should Have Known Better Than To Come Provoke Me
Chapter 517: The Shedding Of A Martial Saint!
Chapter 516: Awakening!
Chapter 515: No Good End Comes To Those Who Malign Me
Chapter 514: The Youngest Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster!
Chapter 513: Just One Move!
Chapter 512: When A Dragon Wants To Eat A Tiger, Why Masquerade As A Pig?
Chapter 511: Are You Sure You Want To Get Beaten Up By Me?
Chapter 510: Decisive Battle At Deep Sea Corridor
Chapter 509: The Upright Yan Zhaoge
Chapter 508: Yan Zhaoge Churns The Sea, Turning Degenerate Into Miraculous
Chapter 507: What I Want To Do Is Not Something That They Can Prevent
Chapter 506: Good Thing In The Bewildering Mist Sea
Chapter 505: Three Incidents
Chapter 504: What Happened Back Then
Chapter 503: Since You Want To Die, I'll Grant Your Wish
Chapter 502: Many Different Ways To Fight
Chapter 501: The World Is A Dangerous Place
Chapter 500: Martial Saint Legacy Site!!!
Chapter 499: The Lawless Yan Zhaoge!
Chapter 498: You Are Already Dead
Chapter 497: Against Trash Such As You, How Much Strength Would I Need?
Chapter 496: Friend Or Foe
Chapter 495: Immediate Encounter!
Chapter 494: Killing Two Birds With One Stone!
Chapter 493: Sealing The East Sea
Chapter 492: Since I Dared To Give You The Formation Diagram, I Naturally Have A Way To Deal With You
Chapter 491: Well Calculated Out
Chapter 490: It's Time!
Chapter 489: Decisive Battle!
Chapter 488: The Heavens Have Always Blessed The Fortitudinous
Chapter 487: Wanting To Drink Yet Unwilling To Bear The Load
Chapter 486: Obtaining The Extreme Yang Seal
Chapter 485: Intolerable By The Heavens, Sacred Artifact Extreme Yang Seal
Chapter 484: True Martial Soul, Ten Leaves Blossoming Ten Flowers
Chapter 483: Death To The Devils!
Chapter 482: In Life, All One Asks For Is A Guilt-Free Heart
Chapter 481: Always Regretted
Chapter 480: Fleeing In The Face Of Danger!
Chapter 479: Placing Oneself In Peril In Order To Survive!
Chapter 478: Nine Underworld True Devils!!!
Chapter 477: The Situation Reverses
Chapter 476: Yan Zhaoge's Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation!
Chapter 475: Breaking Their Spines Again!
Chapter 474: The Current Strongest Of The Eight Extremities World!
Chapter 473: Yan Di Leaves Seclusion!
Chapter 472: Great Flame Devil King!
Chapter 471: Every Second Counts
Chapter 470: Fire Singeing Their Brows
Chapter 469: Pincered From Two Sides
Chapter 468: Treasure Of Divine Sun!
Chapter 467: The Conflicted East Rising Lord
Chapter 466: Things Begin To Stir!
Chapter 465: The Sixth Extreme Yin Bout
Chapter 464: Yan Di Enters Seclusion!
Chapter 463: The Treasure That Seals The Earth Domain
Chapter 462: A Major Incident!
Chapter 461: The Legend Left Behind By Yan Zhaoge!
Chapter 460: Returning To The Eight Extremities World
Chapter 459: This Parting May Be Eternal
Chapter 458: Sounds Pleasing!
Chapter 457: With The Sweep Of A Hand
Chapter 456: Minding One's Business
Chapter 455: If We Save The Wrong Guys, Just Slaughter Them Afterwards
Chapter 454: Twin Swords Duelling Four Dragons!
Chapter 453: The Opening Dimensional Passageway
Chapter 452: The Whereabouts Of The Other Half Mirror
Chapter 451: Someone Different From Others
Chapter 450: Authoritative Words
Chapter 449: My Mood, Your Fate
Chapter 448: There Are Three Treasures In The Floating Life World
Chapter 447: Great Demon King Yan Zhaoge
Chapter 446: I Don't Feel Like Being A Hero Today
Chapter 445: Smiting Thee Dead!
Chapter 444: My Young Master's Way Of Resting
Chapter 443: Descendants Meeting Their Ancestor!
Chapter 442: Utter Dominance
Chapter 441: One Sword Shooting East Yan Zhaoge!
Chapter 440: A Calamity For The Entire Floating Life World!
Chapter 439: Green Dragon Mountain!
Chapter 438: A Pressing Question!
Chapter 437: World Beyond Worlds, Wounds Of The Heavens
Chapter 436: Snow Crane Message
Chapter 435: Greetings, Young Master
Chapter 434: When Yan Zhaoge's Interested, Someone's Gonna Be In For It
Chapter 433: A Martial Practitioner With A Special Physique
Chapter 432: Sweeping Through A Kingdom
Chapter 431: Pan-Pan's Aftermeal Exercise
Chapter 430: Flying Away House And All
Chapter 429: Bloodline Of The Highest Grade!
Chapter 428: Want To Gang Up?
Chapter 427: Old Eagle Hunting Little Chickens
Chapter 426: Giving A Blind Man A Seductive Look
Chapter 425: Demonic Bloodline Cultivators!
Chapter 424: Wings Grown On A Tiger's Waist
Chapter 423: Enhancing Cultural Interaction!
Chapter 422: How Can The Matters Of Scholars Be Called Stealing?
Chapter 421: Directly Fighting Is Better!
Chapter 420: Great Awkwardness!
Chapter 419: The Half Mirror!
Chapter 418: Very Good, Powerful, But Also Very Dumb!
Chapter 417: The Door Opens!
Chapter 416: Marsh Of Illusory Sea, Ten Character Heavenly Rainbow!
Chapter 415: That Instant Of The Heart
Chapter 414: Um, Click It
Chapter 413: Yan Zhaoge's New Weapon
Chapter 412: The One They Want To Kill The Most
Chapter 411: Yan Zhaoge's Gift!
Chapter 410: The Legendary Senior Apprentice-Brother Yan!
Chapter 409: There Are Many Scenes In Broad Creed Mountain
Chapter 408: The Possibility Of Surpassing
Chapter 407: Further Refining The Dark Green Bamboo Branch
Chapter 406: Heavens Beyond Our Heavens
Chapter 405: Whereabouts
Chapter 404: Words Said In Jest Now Turned True
Chapter 403: Those Who've Tried It All Say It's Good
Chapter 402: The Possibility Of Counterattacking Into The Flame Devil World
Chapter 401: Ever So Naturally The Centre Of Attraction
Chapter 400: Yan Zhaoge's Nickname
Chapter 399: True Dragon Leaves Sea, Cultivating Aura Into Essence
Chapter 398: Yan Zhaoge Controls A Dragon
Chapter 397: The Pagoda Within The Deep Abyss Of Flames
Chapter 396: Battlefield Of Martial Saints
Chapter 395: The Real Goal
Chapter 394: The End Of Lin Zhou
Chapter 393: I Alone Am More Than Sufficient To Defeat A Hundred Of You
Chapter 392: Wait To Drink The Waters Of The East Sea Dry
Chapter 391: Between Life And Death
Chapter 390: Path Ahead Blocked, Pursuers Behind
Chapter 389: Exploding More, Invoking A Chain Reaction
Chapter 388: The Jade Sea Becomes A Fire Sea
Chapter 387: News On Lin Zhou
Chapter 386: There Are Always More Plans Than Difficulties
Chapter 385: Great Gratitude And Great Enmity
Chapter 384: In This Eight Extremities World, Who In The Future Can Stand Against Him?
Chapter 383: Reversing The Situation, Turning Defeat Into Victory
Chapter 382: Let It…Explode!
Chapter 381: Three Things
Chapter 380: Yan Zhaoge Cracks The Situation
Chapter 379: Two Pieces Of Bad News And A Piece Of Good News
Chapter 378: An Abnormal Situation
Chapter 377: History Is Always So Shockingly Similar
Chapter 376: The Matador Yan Zhaoge
Chapter 375: Tiding Out A Patch Of Heavens
Chapter 374: Not Here, Not Here, Still Not Here
Chapter 373: Worthy Of His Name Is Yan Zhaoge!
Chapter 372: Yan Zhaoge's Plan
Chapter 371: Rampaging Through Great Distances
Chapter 370: Slamming Straight On
Chapter 369: How To Overturn The Raging Tides
Chapter 368: Unexpected Assault
Chapter 367: What Is Hard For Others, Is Like Strolling Over Flat Land For Him
Chapter 366: Silently Charging Up A Big Move
Chapter 365: The Flustered Li Jingwan
Chapter 364: The Cities Of East Dragon Island
Chapter 363: A Wish Of Strangling
Chapter 362: Winning Without Fighting
Chapter 361: As Incalculable As The Innumerable Stars In The Sky
Chapter 360: Seeing Many Different Versions Of Herself
Chapter 359: Capture
Chapter 358: Looking For Sikong Qing
Chapter 357: A Woman Disguised As A Man?
Chapter 356: Two Sikong Qings
Chapter 355: Shaking Your Foundations!
Chapter 354: Yan Zhaoge's Super Long Distance Stifling Rod
Chapter 353: A Victory From Ten Thousand Li Away
Chapter 352: Dragon's Blood Refining Body
Chapter 351: Enjoying The Fruits Of Their Victory
Chapter 350: Unexpected Gains!
Chapter 349: Yan Zhaoge's Trademark Weapon
Chapter 348: Dragon Soaring Through The Skies, Unstoppable In Thunderbolts!
Chapter 347: Someone Is Thinking Too Much
Chapter 346: Blood Spring And Golden Lamp, A Black Wind Howls
Chapter 345: Obtaining The Treasures!
Chapter 344: Body Of A True Dragon!
Chapter 343: A Martial Saint's Legacy Site
Chapter 342: The Graveyard Forged By Yan Zhaoge!
Chapter 341: I Think That I Can
Chapter 340: Luck!
Chapter 339: Small Things, Great Deeds!
Chapter 338: Through Another Method!
Chapter 337: Hope!
Chapter 336: Second Level Of The Martial Grandmaster Realm, Mid Spirit Vessel Stage!
Chapter 335: On The North Sea!
Chapter 334: Broad Creed Mountain's New Maiden Of Extreme Yin
Chapter 333: Yan Zhaoge's Preparations
Chapter 332: Turning The Tables!
Chapter 331: Phoenix Swallowing The Moon, Dragon's Roar Resounding The Nine Heavens!
Chapter 330: Feeling Like They Were Slapped
Chapter 329: Let's See Who Can't Make It Into The Second Round!
Chapter 328: The One Who Went Turncoat
Chapter 327: Yan Zhaoge's Thoughts
Chapter 326: The Two Flowers!
Chapter 325: The Extreme Yin Bout, Officially Begins
Chapter 324: Numerous Flowers Congregate!
Chapter 323: Two Maidens Of Extreme Yin!
Chapter 322: The Fifth Extreme Yin Bout
Chapter 321: Adding On A Gift!
Chapter 320: Advancing Together, I Am The Victor!
Chapter 319: A Pressing Goal
Chapter 318: Eternally Sitting Over Broad Creed Mountain
Chapter 317: The Site Of The Sacred Sun Clan's Weakness
Chapter 316: Targeting Somewhere Out Of Their Expectations
Chapter 315: Broad Creed Mountain's New Chief
Chapter 314: The Vexed Sacred Sun Clan
Chapter 313: The Stifled Lord Of The Heavenly Thunder Hall
Chapter 312: I'll Make You Bleed
Chapter 311: Yan Zhaoge's Killing Formation!
Chapter 310: Pay With Their Lives!
Chapter 309: Yuan Zhengfeng Emerges From Seclusion!
Chapter 308: Broad Creed Mountain Vs Sacred Sun Clan!
Chapter 307: Under Attack!
Chapter 306: East Rising Leaves Seclusion, The Sacred Sun Clan Advances North!
Chapter 305: Preparing A 'Gift' For The Sacred Sun Clan
Chapter 304: Something That Attracts Martial Saints
Chapter 303: You Want Eternal Life, I Grant You Eternal Slumber
Chapter 302: All Of You Must Die!
Chapter 301: Carrying The Coffin, Returning To Broad Creed Mountain!
Chapter 300: The Eternal Iron Lion King!
Chapter 299: Definitely Won't Let You Destroy Broad Creed Mountain
Chapter 298: The Berserk Lion Roars!
Chapter 297: Dream On!
Chapter 296: Grand Reversal
Chapter 295: You Think That I Cannot Beat You?
Chapter 294: Faced With Danger, Not Shrinking Back!
Chapter 293: The Key To Breaking The Situation
Chapter 292: Yan Zhaoge Coming To Reinforce
Chapter 291: Reversal!
Chapter 290: The Heavenly Thunder Hall Also Moves
Chapter 289: Vanquishing Evil For The Eight Extremities World
Chapter 288: The Sacred Sun Clan Moves
Chapter 287: All Stay Behind For Me
Chapter 286: Amongst Martial Grandmasters, I'm Invincible
Chapter 285: Revealing His True Colours
Chapter 284: The Martial Repository Does Not Simply Contain An Otherworldly Expert
Chapter 283: The Perilous Sword
Chapter 282: Origins Of The Decimating Abyss
Chapter 281: Thunderbolt-Like Methods
Chapter 280: Yan Zhaoge's Three Sentences
Chapter 279: Someone Who Came Back From Hell
Chapter 278: Knowing Of The Tiger's Presence, Yet Still Heading Up The Mountain
Chapter 277: Sending The Lord Into His Coffin
Chapter 276: All Preparations Set
Chapter 275: Without Much Of A Difference In Cultivation Level, I Am The Superior!
Chapter 274: A Battle At The Martial Saint Realm!
Chapter 273: The Devil Saint Attacks!
Chapter 272: The Voice Beside His Ears
Chapter 271: You're Still Sorely Lacking
Chapter 270: I Am The Family's Laws!
Chapter 269: Returning Home To Quell Chaos
Chapter 268: The Calm Before The Storm, Ends!
Chapter 267: Advancing Towards The Martial Grandmaster Realm
Chapter 266: Sikong Qing's Persistence
Chapter 265: Coming To The Door For Guidance
Chapter 264: Devil Shattering Arrows
Chapter 263: Major Movements
Chapter 262: A Yan Zhaoge As Stable As Mount Tai
Chapter 261: The Position Of Chief
Chapter 260: The Old Chief Entering Seclusion
Chapter 259: You Lack The Qualifications
Chapter 258: Additional Gains
Chapter 257: All Thanks To You!
Chapter 256: Suppressing The Nine Underworlds
Chapter 255: Fighting Out A Future
Chapter 254: Reversal!
Chapter 253: The Abnormal Yan Zhaoge
Chapter 252: Too Successful
Chapter 251: If You're Not A Martial Grandmaster, Don't Come To Die
Chapter 250: Momentum Like Breaking Bamboo!
Chapter 249: As A Father
Chapter 248: Double Happiness
Chapter 247: Stepping Into The Heavenly Connection Stage!
Chapter 246: The Pyramid Of The Eight Extremities World
Chapter 245: Returning In Glorious Victory!
Chapter 244: Wanting His Old Life!
Chapter 243: Farewell, Old Crawling Worm!
Chapter 242: Flying Through The Heavens, Tunnelling Through The Earth
Chapter 241: The Legendary Crow's Mouth
Chapter 240: A Lin Zhou Who Wants To Vomit Blood
Chapter 239: Dark Light Sword, Immortal Crane Wings
Chapter 238: You Again?
Chapter 237: Retainer, Martial Grandmaster!
Chapter 236: Meeting Lin Zhou Once More
Chapter 235: One Finishes Singing And The Other Ascends The Stage
Chapter 234: Continuing To Give Presents, Each Revealing Their Formidability
Chapter 233: This Bro Is A Good Guy
Chapter 232: Apology Gift Or Present?
Chapter 231: Coming Over To Apologise
Chapter 230: A Discovery That Causes Yan Zhaoge's Heart To Beat Wildly
Chapter 229: Second Refinement Of The Pillar Of The Divine Palace
Chapter 228: The Results Of The Investigation
Chapter 227: Spirit Patterns Of Before The Great Calamity
Chapter 226: You Are Not In A Position To Ask
Chapter 225: Don't Look At Him, I Was Asking You
Chapter 224: Have I Been Too Nice These Past Two Years?
Chapter 223: Wanting More
Chapter 222: A Storm Arising Once More
Chapter 221: Left Hand Leading A Panda, Right Hand…
Chapter 220: The Helpful Black Nightmare Mountain
Chapter 219: Natural Disasters And Human-Induced Occurrences
Chapter 218: Pillar Of The Divine Palace!
Chapter 217: Assassination!
Chapter 216: The Changes In Yan Zhaoge's Status
Chapter 215: The Yan Zhaoge Incomparable To The Past
Chapter 214: Stepping Into The Late Xiantian Stage!
Chapter 213: Improving By Leaps And Bounds
Chapter 212: Yan Zhaoge's Method
Chapter 211: Feng Yunsheng's Resolve
Chapter 210: The Fourth Extreme Yin Bout
Chapter 209: Golden Talisman Forming Qi, Opening Furnace To Forge Treasures
Chapter 208: The Fragment That Fell From The Sky
Chapter 207: Broad Creed Mountain's Origin, News On The Divine Palace
Chapter 206: Fourth Level Of The Martial Repository
Chapter 205: The Youngest Martial Scholar
Chapter 204: I Really Didn't Mean It This Time
Chapter 203: The Heaven Returning Divine Pill
Chapter 202: The Fortune That Might Exist
Chapter 201: Remains From Before The Great Calamity
Chapter 200: An Unprecedented Reward
Chapter 199: Still Underestimated You Originally
Chapter 198: A Recurring Year, Performing Something Major
Chapter 197: Who Under The Heavens Doesn't Know This Lord!
Chapter 196: Expressing Admiration
Chapter 195: Gains One After Another
Chapter 194: Just Who's The Ant Here?
Chapter 193: Just Who's The Ant Here?
Chapter 192: Gao Zhe, You Want To Die Once More, Is It?
Chapter 191: Killing Consecutively!
Chapter 190: All Of You Here, Are Trash
Chapter 189: The Disdainful Zhao Hao
Chapter 188: Cruel And Merciless
Chapter 187: Forcing Others To The Dark Side
Chapter 186: Someone Once Thought This Way As Well, And Then He Died
Chapter 185: Adding Some Spice For The Enemy
Chapter 184: Fighting The Black-Robed Masked Man Once More
Chapter 183: The Roaring Right Eye
Chapter 182: The Xie Ziyi Who Suffered A Blow
Chapter 181: Since You're Courting Death, I'll Grant Your Wish
Chapter 180: The Catastrophic Nine Underworlds
Chapter 179: The Yan Zhaoge Who Causes The Numerous Stars To Lose Their Shine
Chapter 178: The Crowd Of Geniuses Lower Their Heads
Chapter 177: You Do A Two-Combo, I'll Do A Three-Combo
Chapter 176: If You Want To Make A Move, Just Shut Up And Do It Already
Chapter 175: Just Happen To Be Lacking A Wolfskin Cushion
Chapter 174: Treating A Mid-Grade Spirit Artifact As A Toy
Chapter 173: True Target
Chapter 172: The Strongest Beneath Heavenly Connection
Chapter 171: Want To Spar A Bit?
Chapter 170: Broad Creed Young Master And World Illuminating Young Master
Chapter 169: Worthy Of Their Name
Chapter 168: The Persistence That Is Not Understood
Chapter 167: Three Young Masters Congregate
Chapter 166: Aura-Qi Forming An Illusory Heaven And Earth
Chapter 165: If You Want To Do A Job Well, First Prepare The Necessary Tools
Chapter 164: News From Heavenly Thunder Hall
Chapter 163: Embarrassing Them All The Way Back To Infinite Boundless Mountain
Chapter 162: You Are Quite A Good Punching Bag
Chapter 161: Clashing Head-On!
Chapter 160: Open Your Eyes A Little Wider
Chapter 159: Brutal
Chapter 158: Monetary Black Hole
Chapter 157: Something About This Scene Isn't Quite Right
Chapter 156: Under That Famed Name The Warrior Exists True
Chapter 155: Testing Yan Zhaoge's Mettle
Chapter 154: Aftereffect
Chapter 153: A Dangerous Figure!
Chapter 152: Meeting Zhao Hao Once More
Chapter 151: A Disciple Of The Younger Generation Different From The Norm
Chapter 150: Heavenly Connection Meet
Chapter 149: Gaining The Sacred Artifact Fragment
Chapter 148: True Dragon Leaves Abyss Breaking Heavenly Thunder!
Chapter 147: A Fight Between Dragons And Tigers
Chapter 146: Specifically Waiting For You To Deliver Yourself To Me
Chapter 145: Broad Creed Young Master Vs Thunder Rumbling Young Master!
Chapter 144: The Two Sacred Artifact Fragments Becoming One
Chapter 143: A Cooked Duck Can Also Fly
Chapter 142: With Preparation Comes Assurance
Chapter 141: Beat To The Draw!
Chapter 140: Sacred Artifact Fragment
Chapter 139: Thunder Rumbling Young Master
Chapter 138: Faster Than You!
Chapter 137: The Central Heaven Region Yans And The Zhao Region Yans
Chapter 136: The Third Target
Chapter 135: Stepping Into The Xiantian Martial Scholar Realm
Chapter 134: Big Dipper Body Ying Longtu
Chapter 133: You Are So Innocent, While I Am So Full Of Schemes
Chapter 132: A Sincere Yan Zhaoge
Chapter 131: An Inspirational Story That Moves The Entire Eight Extremities World
Chapter 130: Holding Their Heads High
Chapter 129: No Longer Of Use
Chapter 128: Jingle
Chapter 127: You Can Wait To Regret It
Chapter 126: You Have To Pay Your Thanks After Taking A Beating!
Chapter 125: Attack, Can't Break Through; Defence, Can't Hold Through!
Chapter 124: When Discussions Fail, Fight!
Chapter 123: Asking For People At The Door?
Chapter 122: Cloud Portent Mountain
Chapter 121: A Tour That Begins Flightily
Chapter 120: Working Together In Unison
Chapter 119: How To Chase The Leaders?
Chapter 118: Yan Zhaoge Given The Cold Shoulder?
Chapter 117: The Problem Caused By His Father
Chapter 116: From Where He Fell, To Stand Up Once Again
Chapter 115: What You Can Do, I Can Too; What You Can't Do, I Can Also Do
Chapter 114: Big Dipper Sword Vs Big Dipper Sword!
Chapter 113: Martial Repository
Chapter 112: A Solid Foundation, A Step Further
Chapter 111: Qilin Spring Baptism
Chapter 110: The Future Is Uncertain
Chapter 109: To Be Rewarded
Chapter 108: One Who Loves Eating
Chapter 107: Borrowing A Chicken To Lay An Egg
Chapter 106: Striking The Hot Iron Still Requires One To Be Tough
Chapter 105: Good People Don't Live Long, Calamities Endure A Thousand Years
Chapter 104: Not Singing The Ploy Of The Empty City
Chapter 103: Domineering!
Chapter 102: I've Indeed Never Put You In My Eyes
Chapter 101: Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster
Chapter 100: Things Get More And More Major!
Chapter 99: The Fire Seed Within His Dantian
Chapter 98: A Great Harvest
Chapter 97: This Yan Wants You Dead At Midnight, Who Can Keep You Alive Till Dawn!
Chapter 96: Slapping Him Flying!
Chapter 95: Murderously Pursuing Ye Jing And Yan Xu!
Chapter 94: None Of Them Can Think Of Escaping!
Chapter 93: Throwing Dirty Water, I Can Too
Chapter 92: Now, What Do You Have To Say For Yourself?
Chapter 91: Direct Confrontation!
Chapter 90: Elder Yan, Long Time No See
Chapter 89: The Iron Lion King
Chapter 88: If You Want To Blame Someone, Blame Yan Xu
Chapter 87: Was This Within Your Predictions?
Chapter 86: Lacking Most In Time
Chapter 85: Broad Creed Mountain's Pain
Chapter 84: Life Is Like A Stage, Fully Dependent On One's Acting Skills!
Chapter 83: Plans Cannot Keep Up With Changes
Chapter 82: The Ferocious Yan Zhaoge!
Chapter 81: Xiao Shen, Where're You Going?!
Chapter 80: The Battle Of Spirit Wind Canyon
Chapter 79: Enemies Pressuring The Border
Chapter 78: Don't Look Down On Librarians
Chapter 77: I'm Happy, What Do You Care?
Chapter 76: Enemies Approaching The City Gates!
Chapter 75: One Thing Leads To Another!
Chapter 74: The Sacred Sun Clan's Scheme
Chapter 73: The Time To Shine Has Come Once Again
Chapter 72: Late Outer Aura Stage—Stepping Into The Air!
Chapter 71: Hidden Undercurrents Surging
Chapter 70: Glacial Dragon's Roar
Chapter 69: A Rare Opportunity
Chapter 68: Zhao Hao Is Indeed A Good Person
Chapter 67: Pressuring Yan Xu
Chapter 66: No Longer Viewing Him In The Same Light
Chapter 65: There Was A Yan Wudi Before, There Is Still A Yan Wudi Now!
Chapter 64: Actions Always Speak Louder Than Words
Chapter 63: No Longer In The Early Outer Aura Stage
Chapter 62: Repelling Them Head-On
Chapter 61: The Sacred Sun Clan Comes Knocking
Chapter 60: You Won't Find The People You Want, Only A Pair Of Fists!
Chapter 59: The Most Important Thing
Chapter 58: No Trivial Matter
Chapter 57: What The Public Loves To Hear
Chapter 56: The Red Flower Withers
Chapter 55: Zhao Hao, A Good Person
Chapter 54: Even A Draw Will Count As My Loss!
Chapter 53: The Expert Reborn
Chapter 52: I Also Have A Bad Temper
Chapter 51: Dangers Lurking All Around
Chapter 50: The Eastern Tang's Sixteenth Prince
Chapter 49: The Phoenix Awaiting Nirvana
Chapter 48: My Strongest Point Is That I'm Low-Key
Chapter 47: Late Outer Aura Martial Scholar, Don't Just Focus On Running Away Ah!
Chapter 46: Mid Outer Aura Stage, Is Enough
Chapter 45: Like A Father Beating His Son!
Chapter 44: Suppression Of Realms, Martial Arts
Chapter 43: What They Say Doesn't Count
Chapter 42: A Sword-Light Flashes, Momentous Events Occur!
Chapter 41: What A Valiant Girl
Chapter 40: The Lin Family Maiden Leaves Seclusion
Chapter 39: A Certain Person's Piled-Up Psychological Shadows
Chapter 38: Collect Some Interest First
Chapter 37: Glacial Dragon Bone Soul, Maiden Of Extreme Yin
Chapter 36: The Off-Track Main Character
Chapter 35: Flames Of Fury
Chapter 34: Ye Jing Reappears
Chapter 33: Slapping His Own Face
Chapter 32: Mr Dong And The Sacred Sun Saint
Chapter 31: The New And Old Hegemons
Chapter 30: Flaunting A Non-Existent Authority
Chapter 29: Becoming An Outer Aura Martial Scholar!
Chapter 28: Six Spirits Demonic Fist, All-Round Increase In Power
Chapter 27: The Rewards
Chapter 26: The Final Verdict
Chapter 25: Counterattack
Chapter 24: His Defence
Chapter 23: Questioning Yan Zhaoge
Chapter 22: Yan Zhaoge's Gonna Get It?
Chapter 21: The Trouble Shoved Onto His Head
Chapter 20: The Odd Metal Tablet
Chapter 19: The Fallen Main Character Halo Is Quite Durable!
Chapter 18: You Can't Just Take Anything You Please!
Chapter 17: Don't Look For Treasure In Front Of Ye Jing
Chapter 16: Being Made A Scapegoat
Chapter 15: Wearing Out Steel Shoes Searching For Something Before Finding It In Front Of You!
Chapter 14: Kicking People Out Without Restraint!
Chapter 13: Whip Your Face Until It's Bloody!
Chapter 12: Dragon Sealing Abyss, An Inauspicious Omen For Yan Zhaoge?
Chapter 11: Using Equipment To Crush The Opposition
Chapter 10: Close The Door, Release The Ye Jing
Chapter 9: Taking The Road Less Traveled, Acting Cool Without Explanation
Chapter 8: Adversary From The Past
Chapter 7: Ye Jing's Thoughts
Chapter 6: Indifferent To Life And Death, We Can Fight If You Are Not Convinced
Chapter 5: The Two Are Not On The Same Level
Chapter 4: A Yan Zhaoge Who Does Not Follow The Script
Chapter 3: Performing A Great Play
Chapter 2: Dragon Against Dragon, A Stand Off Between Kings, Which Is The True Dragon?
Chapter The Ultimate Wastrel Yan Zhaoge